Laud - Your football career is our mission


It’s all about you. In the short run. And in the long run. So yes, that translates into a straightforward game plan for your football career. One that is legally sound. One that secures your financial future. And one that honours your personal ambitions.


It takes two to tango. While you excel in your game, we go to work with a straightforward game plan. Tailored to your personal needs and ambitions. We only aim for long-term relationships with our clients. So you and your family can benefit – now and further down the road – from our extended legal and financial experience. We help you manage your career and your future. Cheer for you by the sideline. And represent you in the business lounges of big football clubs. Heart and mind. Laud.


We provide world class football players and their family – all over the world – in financial and legal expertise. Implement business principles and help make the right decisions. We have a passion for the game of football. And law. And investments. Our service is personalised, exclusive and confidential.

Laud - We work for World Class Football players all over the world

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Ever noticed that world class football players can elevate their team to victory?
Laud Group is their equivalent off the pitch. Just call us or fill in our contactform for more information. 

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